Lather, cleanse, repeat: Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to the soft, nourished, clean skin you’ve always wanted. Then shave with it, too, and take it to the next level!

We’re super psyched to introduce to you this newest addition to the PLANT Apothecary lineup: LATHER, CLEANSE, REPEAT Organic Lathering Oil Cleanser and Shaving Cream.

But while many people are fine with simply wiping off excess oil when they’re done cleansing, many others want to be able to rinse their cleanser off. And they like to have a little foaming action, while they’re at it. We fall into that camp, so we decided to create something a little unusual: An oil cleanser that lathers up and can be rinsed off! And we made it with some of our most favorite skin-loving ingredients, like avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, geranium oil and sesame oil. (Sesame, you say? Isn’t that just for stir-fry, you ask? Well, just you wait—it’s incredible for your skin, and it’s the next big thing!)

And what’s more, this stuff is the ultimate for shaving. Beards, legs, and… Other places you can think of. 😉  The razor will glide effortlessly over your skin, never dragging or scraping, and all that’s left behind is smooth, moisturized softness. So once you try it, be warned: It’ll be a taking up a permanent spot in your bathroom, because everyone in the house is going to want to use it. So get ready, and make some space—and then LATHER, CLEANSE, REPEAT!

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