• target logo Target joins PLANT in the Green Revolution!

    BIG NEWS: We are super excited to announce that our organic body washes will launch at 244 select Target stores in January 2016! We are thrilled to be one of the brands leading the way of truly green companies making a splash on the mainstream market. Continue Reading

  • for the skin you are in Healthy and Organic All-Natural Skincare for EVERYONE

    One of the things we want to make crystal clear here at PLANT is that our products are for everyone. As things stand, the vast majority of beauty-related marketing—even in the green sector—seems to target only one demographic: young, mostly Caucasian women. But PLANT is for people of all genders, ethnicities, classes, ages, shapes and sizes. It’s for the skin YOU’RE in, no matter who you are.

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  • The Story Behind PLANT Apothecary’s Organic Skincare

    Every PLANT starts as a seed.

    For over a decade, Holly McWhorter has been passionately formulating all-natural skincare products. It started off as a small personal project; an attempt to create natural, gentle alternatives to the mass-market products—most of which contained synthetic, often toxic fragrances and preservatives—that had long irritated her sensitive skin. But being the kind of person who can’t just scratch the surface of something she finds interesting, she soon dove in much deeper.   Continue Reading

  • Why Go Green?

    rosemary 1_crop for blogWith all the cosmetic options we have to choose from, many find it overwhelming to have an onslaught of new (and often more expensive) cosmetic lines to choose from: the “green” market. The rise of ”green” everything is seen by many as a hippie trend, but it’s important to consider just why the demand/necessity for it has come about. Continue Reading

  • USDA organic seal logo black and white All About PLANT Apothecary

    Hi! If you’re new here,
    you might be wondering: Who are these guys, and what’s PLANT Apothecary about?

    Well, in essence, we’re about love—for the environment, for health, and for a sense of shared community. PLANT Apothecary products are new takes on natural, effective, time-honored skincare and health remedies from all over the world. Our 100% botanical and USDA Organic products combine aromatherapy and herbalism with distinctive, contemporary package design and a sense of humor—for a brand presence with appeal to all ages and genders. Continue Reading