How to Arrive In Style!

Amanda, PLANT’S Operations Manager, is not only an expert in making magic happen behind the scenes—she also is a guru when it comes to self-care while traveling!

Read more about how she kept her skin healthy during a 22-hour flight to Malaysia.


No matter the season, the dry air on an airplane can wreak absolute havoc on my skin!

I took my first long-haul (over 4 hours) flight for the first time a couple of years ago, and battled the driest skin I’d ever experienced for the duration of my trip. So on my most recent journey to Southeast Asia, I was more than prepared to step off the 22 hour flight looking as fresh and moisturized as possible.

There’s an art to packing for an in-flight beauty routine and here are my TSA-approved secrets—just in time for the busy holiday travel season!

The Night Before:

I pull out and apply my MATCHA Antioxidant Mask to help soothe and prepare my skin for travel the next day. This step is vital so that my skin is in the best possible state to absorb as much moisture as possible.

I also pack my carry-on bag ahead, filled with what I’ll need on board, to keep my morning stress-free. Any products that don’t come in a travel-sized bottle, I just pour into a 2.5 oz bottle that can be picked up at any Target.


  1. I do a few spritzes of the RE: FRESH Organic Facial Toning Mist and gently pat into my skin.
  2. After a few hours (and some Z’s), I pop out my MATCHA Antioxidant Mask and leave on for about 5-10 minutes while in my seat.
  3. I then use a cleansing wipe (any brand of your choice will do) to clear the mask off of my hands and face; then add more RE: FRESH. After the mist settles, I apply our Å Face Oil For Dry Skin and relax for an in-flight movie and sleep.
  1. Next is morning, and also time for a stopover! Did you know some airports have showers? With two hours and for a super-small fee, I take a quick shower with my travel GET HAPPY Organic Bodywash. The peppermint is a relief to my poor, dry nose.
  2. Back on the flight, I run through the same routine as the earlier part of the flight. I keep my RE: FRESH handy and lightly spritz throughout the remaining flight.

My skin is moisturized and smooth once I reach my destination. And the night before my departure back home, I start the routine all over again.

Happy and safe travels!

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