How to feel replenished after a long weekend

Ahh… Long weekends are wonderful, right? We long for them throughout our regular five-day working weeks, but once they finally come around suddenly we get so caught up in the possibilities of how to spend that extra day that we forget to prioritize taking time for ourselves to unwind and reset.

It’s easy to go back to work after a long weekend feeling very restless. We know that feeling, but luckily for us, spending our time day in and day out working in skincare, bath and aromatherapy – we’ve picked up some pretty valuable, easy and quick hacks to self-care.

Here are some of the ways we like to unwind at the end of a long weekend, so we can return to work feeling strong, more rejuvenated and full of zest!

Take a relaxing bath – Warm baths are a quick and efficient way to help you unwind, destress and feel restful. A warm bath can help to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and increase and control your internal body temperature, warming your muscles and blocking pain sensors to relieve pain. Having a warm bath before bed can also help you sleep better as it helps kick start the natural cooling process, encouraging your body’s melatonin production.

We use 1/3 cup of our SUPERSOAK Organic Healing Bath, made with purifying sea salt, organic mustard, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass. The mustard draws heat to the soaking area, increasing circulation and washing away painful lactic acid build up in your muscles. Meanwhile, eucalyptus is absorbed in small amounts through the skin, providing gentle pain relief and helping–by way of its vapors—to help clear out your sinuses.

Give yourself a facial cleanse – A rejuvenating facial cleanse feels all the more better when you’re in particular need of one or feeling a tad restless.

Washing your face removes any dirt or built up toxins from the day, allowing your skin to feel fresh as well as enabling your other face care products like a mask, to be absorbed into the skin and have their full effect.

Just the act of splashing water on your face while cleansing has amazing benefits too. When our bodies are subjected to cold temperatures, the flow of blood circulation directs inwards, increasing oxygen flow and heart rate, as well as relieving inflammation and helping to rid your organs and skin of toxins.

We use our RICE & CLEAN Organic Gentle Facial Cleanser made with rice bran, relaxing, anti-bacterial chamomile and nourishing vitamin E. Rice bran naturally contains gamma oryzanol, which has been shown in studies to both soften skin and protect it from UV light damage.

Make yourself a warm cup of tea – It goes without saying, but we thought this one was an important component to the list. Like all other forms of warm liquid that we’ve mentioned, a nice warm cup of tea is a sure way to induce some relaxation. We recommend a herbal, natural tea like peppermint or chamomile which are known to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Give yourself some self-massage – Body oils and lotions can do more than just soften and smooth your skin. Self-massage is the ultimate act of self-love and has amazing health benefits. As your breathing begins to slow down, relaxation ensues, helping to calm the nervous system and promote blood flow. Massage also helps to release muscle tension and detoxify your body by helping to flush out unwanted toxins. We use our GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil, which combines the aromatic scents of bergamot and rosemary essential oils, known for their ability to help unwind tension, calm an overworked mind and create balance.

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