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Simplify. Declutter. Strip down. Live minimally. Many of us are making big moves to simplify our living spaces, having noticed how much more mental space we have when we clear out our physical space and stop swimming through unnecessary piles of stuff at home. You know something's up when it's become a verb to "KonMari" your space. But did you know? You don't have to stop at your closet. More and more people are looking to simplify their skincare, too, and guess what? We can help with that!

Multipurpose skincare is trending hard right now, but we've always been on it. Multipurpose skincare, just like multipurpose items in other parts of our lives, helps reduce our carbon footprint by using up fewer raw materials in manufacturing. It's part of the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

And let's face it: Multipurpose skincare also gives your wallet a break. Whether you're a student, working professional, on-the-go parent, or all three, buying and carrying around (or storing) just one thing instead of two or three can help you simplify. So with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to use a few of our products for more than one thing! 

Frizz Tamer
Tame pesky hair frizz and flyaways: If your hair starts to frizz up, a little SUPERFACIAL Organic Face Oil (either the version for normal or oily skin will work great) can help to smooth it down and keep flyaways at bay. Rub a few drops of oil between your hands, them gently run your fingers through your hair to evenly distribute the oil and make it look polished. 

Our RICE & CLEAN Gentle Cleanser, if you make a paste of it as the instructions say, doesn't have much exfoliating action. But if you apply it dry to a wet face, you get the gentlest effective exfoliation you could ever ask for. It leaves your skin soft and silky-smooth like you wouldn't believe.

Leg Shaving Oil
Keep your legs silky smooth: Regular shaving creams don’t always do a good job of keeping you skin moisturized. Try our GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil, both before and after shaving, for an incredibly smooth and clean shave that will keep your legs looking shiny and smooth days later. Rich and soothing plant oils like sunflower, jojoba, and apricot not only work as a shaving cream (better, actually), but also as a deep moisturizer — exactly what a shaving product should do.

Shave Lather
Our WASH YOUR FACE Organic Aloe Facial Cleanser is good for more than just cleansing! It's also really nice in place of shave gel or cream for your face, or anywhere else you shave. Just add water and lather up. The extra sunflower oil in the mix makes a comfy cushion for the blade, while giving the individual hairs a nice lift for a close shave.  

Beard Oil
Soften and tame your beard (if you have one) and keep the skin beneath soft: Healthy beards require moisture, and the longer they grow, the more natural oil they require. If your beard fails to obtain adequate moisture you are at risk of itch, coarse hairs and dry skin. The rich but lightweight (read: non-greasy) oils in our face and body oils are a simple solution to giving both your skin and beard the moisture they need.

All Kinds of Stuff
Last but not least, our RE: FRESH Organic Toning Face Mist wins the prize for most multipurpose PLANT Apothecary product. Use it as a toner, light moisturizer, makeup setter, aromatherapy pick-me-up, cooling mist for when it's hot, and even (our little secret) a temporary refresher for your clothes, in a pinch! 

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