Sea Buckthorn Oil: The Heal-All Super Ingredient!

If you follow the natural skincare scene closely, you might have noticed the ingredient sea buckthorn oil in a few high-end products and thought “What is that? What a weird name.”

PLANT’s cofounder and formulator Holly thought the same thing, when she first came across sea buckthorn bushes with cofounder Bjarke—in Bjarke’s home country, Denmark, where it’s called havtorn. She looked it up in Google Translate and learned its odd English name, and got curious.

They were by the Danish coastline along the North Sea, where sea buckthorn bushes grow like crazy, and she soon learned that in Denmark the berries are traditionally used to treat all kinds of skin problems. It’s used on rashes, bug bites, cuts and scrapes, wrinkles, and even burns. In fact, sea buckthorn oil is so good at healing burns that it’s one of only a few natural compounds recommended by major hospitals for treating radiation burns from cancer treatment!

Sea buckthorn oil has all kinds of superhero ingredients, one of them being tons of vitamin C—so much that one tiny berry contains as much as a whole orange! Add that to the high level of carotenoids (yes, the stuff that makes carrots orange), flavonoids (good for everything) and other vitamins, and you have a nearly magical good-for-you-and-your-skin treat.

That’s why sea buckthorn oil is one of the main ingredients in our SUPERFACIAL face oils for normal/dry/combination/mature and oily skin types. It’s what gives them their golden yellow color, if you were wondering!) Combined with camellia, avocado, apricot and hazelnut oils, the sea buckthorn oil makes for two power-healing blends that fight dryness, irritation and signs of aging like champs.

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