Take a Bath: The Case for an Easier 2020

December is a time that lends itself to reflection: did you accomplish your 2019 goals [#winning], or is it just time to turn the calendar page on this one [#maybenexttime]?

If your resolutions to go to bed early and adopt a rigorous crack-of-dawn exercise routine didn’t make it beyond February this year, you’re not alone. According to a December 2018 Forbes article, you’ll have much more success with setting small, achievable goals instead of making major—read: unrealistic—resolutions.  

There’s been a shift in the zeitgeist towards self-care as a lifestyle choice, but who has the time?

Let’s make it easy, because my favorite self-care is horizontal-on-the-couch self-care. The three simple steps below put a priority on your skin’s (and your mind’s) wellbeing and act as small reminders to embrace self-care and actually enjoy the benefits.

  1. Schedule a healing bath – It’s the end of a long day, light up the candles for a low-key celebration. Super Soak Healing Bath combines purifying sea salt with warming organic mustard, eucalyptus and lemongrass. You’re cleansing your skin, helping to soothe tired muscles, alleviate headache, calm mild skin irritation, and even reduce cough and cold symptoms. All the while, the relaxing aromatherapy wafts around to help improve mental clarity and calm the scaries. Top up your favorite beverage and do some peaceful self reflection with your newly refreshed mind.
  2. Kick off every morning with Start Happy Body Wash – Lather up and feel joy? Yes, please. Start Happy Body Wash is enriched with geranium and peppermint, known for their uplifting properties that can enhance the mood and reduce feelings of anxiety, nervousness and sadness. Plus, peppermint is thought to help reduce inflammation. Start every day off with these bubbles of elation.
  3. Level up your moisture – There’s moisturized, then there’s WINTER moisturized. Superfacial Organic Oil Moisturizer for Normal, Combination and Mature Skin teams up juniper and geranium oils to protect delicate facial skin and other areas prone to dryness with a shield of antioxidant-rich, vitamin-loaded, wrinkle-fighting green tea seed, avocado, hazelnut, sea buckthorn & apricot kernel oils. This protective serum is your skin’s very own cozy winter blanket.  

Plant Apothecary products are certified organic, sustainable, clean, plant-based, gender neutral, hypoallergenic and made for all skin types.  So, whoever you are, I want you to ring in the New Year with confidence. Cancel the out-of-date resolutions. Your skin deserves it and so do you. 

Written by: Stacey Torch

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