The Story Behind PLANT Apothecary’s Organic Skincare

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Every PLANT starts as a seed.

For over a decade, Holly McWhorter has been passionately formulating all-natural skincare products. It started off as a small personal project; an attempt to create natural, gentle alternatives to the mass-market products—most of which contained synthetic, often toxic fragrances and preservatives—that had long irritated her sensitive skin. But being the kind of person who can’t just scratch the surface of something she finds interesting, she soon dove in much deeper.  She began intensely studying natural product formulation, classical aromatherapy and traditional herbalism so she’d be able to create products that were both safe and effective.

She started sharing the products she was making for herself with her family and friends as gifts, and they received an enthusiastic response. When her loved ones encouraged her to start a line and sell her wonderful organic goodies to the world, she took the bait and launched a small line called Light Organic. With some water and a little sunlight the PLANT seed had begun to sprout.

Although Light Organic was shelved after only a year (when Holly went back to school for design), Holly and her eventual husband, Bjarke Ballisager, started PLANT Design Studio in 2011—to sell their organic travel spice kits and a few other household items they designed and had made locally. The driving force behind PLANT, then and now, was the couple’s shared love for contemporary design, healthy ingredients, the environment, and social responsibility.

They eventually began to incorporate organic and all-botanical bath and body products into the PLANT assortment, which seemed like a natural addition to a gourmet line that had evolved from the idea of being healthy from the inside out.

One of PLANT’s top priorities is to make products that are 100% free of toxic ingredients, with no parabens, phthalates, silicones, endocrine disruptors, sodium lauryl sulfate, or anything else you wouldn’t want on your skin. Furthermore, all PLANT products are 100% vegan, gluten free, and are never tested on animals. In addition, PLANT products are made with the help of a nonprofit, local workshop that gives mentally and physically disabled adults opportunities to do paid work in an environment that is sensitive to their special needs.



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