An Important Message to Our Community

To our Plant Community, 

Earlier this morning, we became aware that PLANT Apothecary was misidentified as a Black-owned business across a number of publications. We want to clarify that PLANT Apothecary was founded by a Black woman, but is no longer a Black-owned business.

PLANT Apothecary was founded by Holly McWhorter and her husband Bjarke, with a mission to create plant-based skincare for everyone. Holly and Bjarke sold the business to Rare Beauty Brands in 2019, and while they are no longer with the company, we are grateful that they built such an inspiring brand with a foundation of honesty and integrity.

In an effort to correct this misattribution and effect change—both within our organization and in our community—we are taking the following actions:

  • We will be donating 100% of website sales between June 1 and June 8 to Black Girl Ventures, which empowers Black female entrepreneurs. 
  • We have reached out to the publications to correct this incorrect listing.
  • We will be creating a permanent internal committee focused on training and education, as well as improving our hiring processes, and taking a serious look at our corporate diversity, equity and inclusivity in every facet of the business. 

We want and need to clarify our position as a company in light of current events across our country. We stand with the Black Community and unequivocally believe Black lives matter. 

Here is a list of great brands that we have confirmed are Black-owned, please consider giving them your support: 

We want to hear from you as we go deeper into our commitment to diversity and inclusion across our entire company. It is part of our job to make sure we are part of the solution. 

We pledge to continue to learn, to listen, and to act with heart. 

The Plant Apothecary Team