PLANT All-Natural Detox Masks

‘Tis the season to be masking.

Now that winter has finally made an appearance here on the east coast, there’s no way to ignore the January skin lackluster. No matter what seasonal skin conditions you’re dealing with a simple  face mask may be the solution. Masking is often the go-to skincare technique for deep cleansing  and nourishing your skin.

Regardless of whether you’re a serial DIY mask experimenter or a full-on product junkie, there is a mask out there for you. Although we all love a great DIY face mask that you can whip up with simple ingredients in the kitchen, most busybodies just can’t squeeze that into an already-tight schedule. We know how difficult it is to make time to just kick back with with couple of organic cucumbers over your eyes when you have a never-ending to-do list. Sometimes it’s best to just hold the mess and trust PLANT.

Our two facial masks made their debut in the green beauty market last year:

  • Our MATCHA Antioxidant Face Mask combines the purifying properties of white clay with the powerful antioxidants of organic, fair trade matcha (powdered green) tea. Studies indicate that matcha reduces inflammation and fights damaging free radicals.The blend also contains organic essential oil of chamomile, known for its soothing, anti-irritant properties.
  • Our Not A Spot Treatment Mask is powered by the double-whammy of organic essential oil of basil (a powerful antibacterial acne fighter) and highly absorbent activated charcoal, which draws impurities from deep within the skin’s surface. 

Each PLANT face mask is powered by the perfect combination of three simple ingredients. Why complicate things? All you have to do is mix the fine powder with a few drops of water and apply the mixture directly to your skin! You can brush your teeth or even get to those dishes while you allow your skin to absorb these wonderful ingredients. Best of all, there’sno mess or dried-out feeling after easily rinsing it off your face. And both masks are soothing and gentle  enough for sensitive skin.

We recommend following up with one of our three PLANT Face Oils. 

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