Garance just shared how she has a little bit of a caffeine habit, but these days – who doesn’t! I have a big one. Huge, even. I can’t list my daily consumption because I don’t want to shock everybody (myself included!).

I just finished a juice cleanse, and the hardest part? No caffeine. So I had to search for ways to energize that did not involve my daily caffeinated fix(es).

And I discovered WAKE UP (CAPS + bold, just to drive the message home) – a Body Wash & Body Oil from Plant Apothecary in Brooklyn. And, well, YES PLEASE. The organic products are teeming with essential oils, like rosemary and lemongrass (some of my favorites), both traditionally used to stimulate and revive the mind and body (again, yes please). And now I feel super energized after my morning shower!

And for nighttime – they have a CALM DOWN line as well (CAPS less necessary here).

What products do you use to WAKE UP?

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