Sex, Drugs, And Rock 'N Roll! Gwyneth Paltrow's VERY Kinky Holiday Gift Guide

  • Goop has released its annual holiday gift guide with categories for guys, hosts, health nuts, kids, and 'lovers'
  • The lovers category is packed with pricey lingerie and 12 different sex toys
  • In addition to vibrators and toys for tickling, spanking, and otherwise getting kinky, there are several devices for strengthening vaginal muscles
  • A $450 tantra workshop entitled 'The Wild Woman's Way' is also featured
  • Across the categories are also several items related to smoking marijuana, including a 'joint case,' a ceramic pipe, and a THC vaping device 
Gwyneth Paltrow is edgy. She really, really is.

Not convinced? Every year, the actress packs her holiday gift guide with suggestions that are sure to raise eyebrows, from kinky lingerie and sex toys to genitalia grooming kits to drug paraphernalia — but for 2017 she's managed to outdo herself.

A section of the Goop gift guide for 'lovers,' in particular, really pushes the limits this year, recommending everything from sex toys — 12, to be exact — to pricey lingerie to a pen that delivers THC to the body right before sex.

For the budget fetishist: Less pricey is the $18 sexy bubble bath.

Luckily, there are a few budget-friendly options for Gwyneth's more cash-strapped but kinky admirers, though those are mostly of the bath and beauty variety. Try $44 'fur oil' for public hairs, $18 'Get it On' body wash by PLANT Apothecary, and a $70 Love is Art x goop 'couple's paint kit' for — ahem — sensual body-painting.

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