22 Gifts That Promote Self-Care

If you’ve been following my column, The Beauty of Self-Care, you’ll recognize the benefits of most of these gifts. When I give presents with self-care in mind, I like to take the time to write a thoughtful note describing what I hope the giftee can look forward to experiencing. Whether it’s a Mom Time Out with the Meditation Studio app and the lavender eye pillow, or a hearty late-night laugh with the You Are A Bad*ss book, the message is the same: take a little time for yourself. The holidays are always a super busy, and sometimes stressful, time. The positive reframe of that truth is that it is also a holiday that affords us some time away from work to connect with friends and family. Use that time to recharge yourself and share that message with those folks on your gift list! –Caitlin

P.S. Most of these gifts are affordable, but please know that you can make a lot of these items yourself! Take a look at our Small Measures column for some ideas and how-tos for crafting your own self-care gift.

Image above, clockwise from top left: 1. Thé des Moines (holding a warm ceramic mug helps you be in the moment) $21 | 2. Tulasara Awakening Ritual Kit (dry brushing + aromatherapeutic oil) $89 | 3. Ginger & Lavender Body Wash (for long, lingering baths) $18 | 4. Human Body Book (to learn more about the body & how it works) $11.68 | 5. Colorful Matches (for lighting a candle during meditation) $36 | 6. Pick Me Up Book (helpful self-journaling & inspiration) $10.05 | 7. Organic Lavender Eye Pillow (for a quiet break)

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