Beauty Shelf: PLANT Apothecary

The next beauty review comes to you from Brooklyn based range, PLANT Apothecary. If you haven’t guessed I’ve been obsessed with trying out organic skincare ranges. I do have sensitive to normal skin, but I’m always looking for the perfect combination of natural products for my skin.

PLANT Apothecary, based in Brooklyn has a great social mission. The products are produced with the help of non profit organization, BKLYN UNLTD who helps provide training and jobs to adults with mental and physical disabilities.

They sent me some of their best sellers and here are my thoughts on them.

GET HAPPY Organic Bodywash; $20

I normally just use that Aveeno bodywash you can get at the drugstore. It’s just normal run of the mill and just mild enough for sensitive skin. I’m so stoked on this one. The gel doesn’t get too sudsy but really leaves you with a fresh clean feeling, definitely an effect of the peppermint. I can’t wait to try the rosemary and lemongrass one.

Organic Oil Moisturizer, $56

Over the past year I’ve started to embrace face oils. I do have an oily t-zone so I used to think that adding oil was pretty pointless. I started experimenting with different serums and have finally figured out a way to apply each one. This one as the bottle suggests to put 5 drops in your palms, rub together and apply to damp skin. It’s the perfect amount of moisture under your skin.

MATCHA Antioxidant Face Mask, $24

The beauty of face masks is that you can interchange them for your various skin needs. I have yet to try the sheet mask but this powder form was a new experience for me. The matcha tea and clay really add a detox feeling. It’s perfect for a Sunday or Saturday morning, to get out all the toxins from a night out.

CALM DOWN Organic bar Soap, $12

At first it had been a while since I used a soap bar. We’ve become so accustomed to the shower gel, body wash sector that the first form is often forgotten. I use this during my night shower instead of body wash and it’s a nice wind down addition to my evening routine.

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