Get All of Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Done at These 5 Unexpected Stores

Procrastinators know that the key to truly effective holiday gifting is efficiency: finding one place where you can source presents for nearly everyone on your list. There are certainly the tried-and-true destinations like Nordstrom, Target, Amazon, and other multibrand retailers with exquisite express shipping policies, but if you're looking to venture beyond the expected, may we humbly suggest the following outlets. These are brands we turn to consistently when we're just shopping for ourselves, and their tightly edited product selection makes for easy browsing and unexpected presents. Here are five of our favorites, along with some of the more surprising items on offer that we wouldn't mind unwrapping ourselves this year.

For friends so close they're basically family: Lou & Grey

Plant Apothecary Calm Down Organic Bar Soap, $12, Lou & Grey

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