The Best Natural and Organic Grooming Products to Restock Your Cabinet

Good news: personal care brands big and small are growing more conscious to consumer needs, relying less on cheap chemical ingredients and investing more in Mother Nature’s bounty. Once upon a time, if you were committed to using organic or all-natural grooming products, your options were slim. But thanks to this new era in which "you smell like a hippie" has suddenly become a compliment, there are seemingly infinite organic and natural options available, from pomades to moisturizers to toothbrushes. But which ones are the best? GQ tested hundreds of these of-the-earth products with “good-for-you” ingredients and rounded up our favorites for you here.

Plant Apothecary Wake Up Bar Soap

This brick is filled with soothing aloe vera and essential oils, all of which flush away dirt and grime while nourishing your skin simultaneously.

Dermstore $12

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