Most Wanted: PLANT Get Happy Bodywash And Wake Up Body Oil

Made exclusively with natural and organic ingredients, PLANT’s products are worth sharing—particularly the Get Happy bodywash and Wake Up Organic Body Oil. The Get Happy Bodywash has a honey-like consistency and is enriched with geranium and peppermint, leaving skin feeling renewed and revitalized, although if peppermint sounds too invasive, the Be Well scent offers a calming combination of oils often employed by aroma therapists and clinicians to boost immune systems. After showering, we’ve become fond of replacing lotion with Wake Up Organic Body Oil. With an entirely synthetic-free composition, the product nourishes the skin without leaving residues that are frequently associated with applying oil to the body. Additionally, the Brooklyn-based company never tests on animals and all products are made at a local workshop with the help of physically and mentally disabled adults. Priced at $20 and $38, respectively, and available at

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