The Best Face Masks For Dry Winter Skin

We may be well into 2017, but it looks like the bitter temps of winter are here to stay. To ensure that your skin is prepped and ready for the prolonged season ahead, we’ve uncovered 15 of the best face masks to help battle a dry, flakey, winter complexion. And, whether it’s moisture or exfoliation you seek, these skin soothing remedies are sure to be this season’s secret weapon. Take a look at our selects below, and get prepared to put your best face forward come spring.

Sometimes, you simply need to exfoliate the dead skin away, especially in the winter! This purifying mask delivers powerful antioxidants to the skin through fair trade matcha, while organic chamomile essential oil soothes for an overall refreshing experience. Mix a teaspoon of this powder with a few drops of water in your palm and apply to the face to let dry, and reveal a brighter, more youthful complexion.

MATCHA Antioxidant Face Mask, $24, PLANT Apothecary.

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