This Organic Skincare Range Is Also Socially Responsible

Now you can feel clean and accomplished every time you wash your face.

If we told you that you could make the world a better place by simply sudsing up in the shower, would you think we were insane? Because with a little help from Plant, that can be a reality.

This Brooklyn-based apothecary produces face masks, body wash and skin oils that are unisex and USDA organic. Plant’s products are also free of petroleum, parabens, silicones and all those other gross synthetic products that are often thrown into moisturizers and sudsy body washes. Further, Plant employs mentally and physically disabled adults to help make their finished product, as part of the brand’s partnership with the nonprofit BKLYN UNLTD.

Co-founder Holly McWhorter explained: “It was always part of our mission to make products that aren’t just environmentally responsible, but socially responsible as well. It means so much, to many disabled people, to have the ability to earn money for themselves, and also just have a place to go every day and be around other people.” The BKLYN UNLTD workshop members put together Plant’s travel sets and gift boxes, in addition to affixing safety seals into caps, then sorting and shipping the final products.

Ms. McWhorter founded PLANT with her husband, Bjarke Ballisager, a licensed architect who designs light fixtures and furnitures as a side project. This explains the clean and simple graphics splashed across the bottles and jars from Plant. The duo also has fun naming their products, from a body wash titled Get Happy to an oil called Get It On.

In addition to being all-natural (and still effective), the scents of these products are worth noting as well. Basing the creation of each scent on traditional skincare practices found around the globe, aromatherapy and herbalism play a huge role at Plant. The combination of ginger and lavender in the Calm Down body oil is clean and fresh, yet relaxing. The Wake Up body wash, which is a combination of rosemary and lemongrass, smells like the expensive products found at any given cushy spa. All of which just goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank to maintain a green skincare routine.

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