10 Face Masks For The DIY Fanatic

Is there anything more satisfying than getting busy in the kitchen and blending your own face mask from scratch? There’s no doubt that using super fresh ingredients straight from the farmer’s market is the best way to feed your skin. But let’s be real—not everyone wants to spend the time hooking up the blender or dealing with a mess afterwards.

So how can you get the perks of freshly plucked ingredients without putting in the extra effort? Luckily a few brands are doing the work for us, like Yes To’s DIY Powder-to-Clay Mask Collection. You can create a variety of masks by selecting easy ingredients to customize your needs. Think honey for clarifying, nourishing, and hydrating; milk for exfoliation, thanks to its natural lactic acid; yogurt for its probiotics that decrease inflammation; apple cider vinegar to boost circulation and minimize pores; and coconut water for mega moisture and a glow, to name a few. Plus, you can add in mix-ins like avocado, charcoal, and chamomile tea.

Then there’s Ktchn Apothecary, which is essentially the Blue Apron of face masks. It comes with everything you need to make your own. And for those looking for a faster formula, a powder mask will do the trick. If you want a thinner, lighter mask, go heavy on the liquids, while those looking for a thicker, more mud-like texture should take it easy on the H2O. Liquid activates the ingredients, so they’re kept highly potent. while the dry formula promotes a longer shelf life.

Check out a few of the best do-it-yourself-inspired face masks below.

Plant Apothecary Matcha Antioxidant Face Mask, $24

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