Plants are not props, they are our partners. Plants are our key ingredients and they unlock efficacy.


We believe plant packed skincare is a ‘no brainer’ return to our roots and truly natural beauty.


We use our knowledge of formulations and combined 36 years of experience to push the boundaries of nature.




We believe in the genius of humans and nature.


When we blend the best of our worlds, we push boundaries and make beautiful things happen. It’s in the flowers that bloom, the lights that shine, and in the compass that leads us home. We lift each other to our highest of heights for an outcome that honors the very best in our nature — and nature as a whole.


We believe magic is a mindset.


One simple shift in your outlook can bring more light and positivity to any moment. It’s a conscious decision that stems from pure practice. Like a prism, it reveals the beauty around you — transforming your mood and elevating everything in your orbit.


We believe it’s our duty to do better.


We’re on an ever-evolving journey to be the best that we can be — for each other and our planet. From formulas to packaging, we hold ourselves to the very highest of standards. It’s not about perfection, but progress; making small, daily decisions that bring us closer to a better tomorrow.

That's why we're partnering with mission-led organizations like 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral to make sure we hold ourselves accountable as we strive to leave a positive impact.