In Good Health


Aromatherapy to the rescue! Enjoy the natural healing effects of our best selling immune-boosting body care. 

A $55 value. 10% of proceeds go to the Covid-19 Relief Foundation. 

BE WELL Organic Body Wash

This body wash is enriched with organic essential oils of eucalyptus and bergamot, which are used by aromatherapists and clinicians to boost the immune system. Use it to clear a stuffy head and nose - and perk up the mind, as well. 

This all-natural, honey like gel is made of only nine simple ingredients and is completely free of parabens, SLS, petroleum, silicones and harsh, mysterious chemicals. And its gentle formula is kind to even sensitive skin.

SUPER SOAK Organic Healing Bath

Combining purifying sea salt with organic mustard and organic eucalyptus essential oil. The mustard draws heat to the soaking area, increasing circulation to help wash away painful lactic acid buildup in your muscles. Meanwhile, eucalyptus is absorbed in tiny amounts through the skin, providing gentle pain relief, while its bracing aroma helps clear a stuffy nose. Perfect for after exercise, when you have a cold, or even when you’ve had just a long day on your feet.

Included: BE WELL Organic Body Wash and 1 SUPER SOAK Organic Healing Bath.