• ingredients for fall Our favorite ingredients to use this fall, to rejuvenate and reset!

    Ah, fall—we love this time of year. The weather is cooling and the air feels more fresh, and we get to bring out all our favorite sweaters and boots! But beyond reviving our fall favorites, what we love best about this time of year is reacquainting ourselves with the ingredients in our products that are perfect for cooler weather—like eucalyptus, lemongrass and ginger. Continue Reading

  • plant ingredients We’re loving this one ingredient right now!

    Here at PLANT, we love essential oils and plant ingredients — it’s totally our thing. We use them in all our products to create new twists on time-honored health and skincare remedies from around the world.

    But we’re sure we’re not alone in wanting to ditch the toxic ingredients. A global shift is happening. More and more people are seeing that you don’t need chemicals to get skincare results, and that plants are a better alternative—adding nutrients and real outcomes for your skin, body and mind. Continue Reading

  • Fall-clean-tips Declutter by repurposing your PLANT bottles this fall

    Fall is just around the corner, and with a new season often comes the desire to start fresh. Maybe for you it’s about revamping your natural beauty routine or your sleeping patterns, or cleaning out the fridge and starting fresh with tons of fruit and veggies—or maybe it’s just a general declutter of your home and personal space.

    After all, it doesn’t have to be spring to do “spring” cleaning—you can do it in the fall, too!

    Part of our seasonal cleaning routine is getting rid of any old food storage containers and bottles we have lying around. But as environmentally conscious beings, we often wage an inner battle between wanting to declutter and feeling guilty about throwing things into the recycling abyss. Continue Reading

  • Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to knock his socks off!

    Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if your present buying history has been anything like ours, you’re usually reverting back to the staple sock-and-book purchase for Dad (or the special man in your life). But we figured you, too, may be feeling that it’s time to get him something a little more than the standard same pair of socks each year.

    So here’s an idea: Skincare and grooming gifts are the perfect Father’s Day present! They’re practical; we all have skin that needs to be looked after and we all need to wash. It’s thoughtful; because once he discovers the delightful effects and pleasant scent from the aromatherapeutic essential oils in our product line, he won’t want to revert back to anything else that doesn’t make him feel exceptional. You might even find that his two-minute showers turn into five. Continue Reading

  • get happy mini wash Welcome to the PLANT family: Travel/Trial Sizes

    Your flight’s booked, the bathing suit is packed, and you’re ready for a much-needed vacation. But there’s still one thing left: deciding which skin care essentials make the cut. When it comes to packing your summer travel kit, bringing along all your favorite skin care essentials is as pivotal to your trip’s happiness as being able to unplug from your daily responsibilities. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your favorite small luxuries while you’re away. We understand the need for packing light— which is why we’re excited to introduce a new mini bodywash that is TSA-approved and packs a punch. Bon voyage!

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  • PLANT on Laura’s Natural Life

    If you haven’t heard of Laura’s Natural Life, it is an amazing green beauty and lifestyle blog. Laura’s blog also consists of fantastic videos from her YouTube channel. What we love most about Laura is that she is thorough and honest! Check out the two videos featuring PLANT Apothecary below:

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