4 simple tips to get the most out of your RE: FRESH Organic Toning Mist

No one wants to stay locked up inside all summer just for the sake of their blessed AC. No, you deserve to go out there and enjoy that sunshine! So luckily for you, we have the next best thing to a portable personal AC for your face: a face mist!

We’ve been talking so much about our RE: FRESH Organic Toning Mist by now that we know you know all about its aromatic blend of cucumber, lemongrass and rosewater—as well as its toning, nourishing skincare benefits. And you can use RE: FRESH however you like, but everyone can use a few new ideas sometimes—so here are a few extra tips to help you get the most out of it!

Put it in the fridge! Your family or roommates might raise their eyebrows, but putting RE: FRESH in the fridge on a hot day is a sure way to cool down and feel… Well, refreshed, and it’ll leave your skin feeling and looking nourished. Soon you’ll have a whole section of your fridge devoted to your beauty and grooming routine. 

Keep it close by. RE: FRESH never leaks, so it’s totally transportable.  Keep it tucked in your work desk drawer for an afternoon pick-me-up, and leave your co-workers curious with cucumber-scented envy. Or keep it in your bathroom cabinet—or in your backpack for those spontaneous outdoor trips where a little refreshment will come in handy.

Sharing is caring! Like all of our products, RE: FRESH is for gals, guys and everyone in between. So share it around, if you’re feeling generous! It’s the perfect toner for between cleansing and moisturizing, a great makeup setter, and it instantly soothes and calms skin after shaving.

Less is more. You don’t need to hold RE: FRESH too close to your face or use multiple sprays to reap its benefits. Less really is more. Simply hold it at arm’s length from your face to get an even, RE:FRESHing spritz!

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