3 essentials to throw in your tote for the perfect beach trip

Beach trips! We all love them. But they can easily go pear-shaped if you don’t prepare for the less-fun aspects of going to beach, like the blistering sun and the sand that turns up in your clothes five weeks later.

We all know the beach trip basics: Don’t leave home without your towel, sun hat, sunscreen, flip flops, water and maybe even your umbrella (if you’re feeling extra organized). But there are just a few more items that could be added to your tote to make your beach trip truly memorable.

Journal. Bringing a journal with you to the beach is the perfect way to fit some you time into the day. You’ve already decided to take some time out, perhaps for your friends or your kids, so why not take a little time just for you? Bullet journaling is a great way to clear your mind and set goals and priorities for things that will make you feel happy and great. It’ll take less time than it would to scroll through Instagram, and you’ll feel way more productive afterwards! 

Toning mist spray. The oldest trick in the book for instant cooling is to fill an unused spray bottle with water. That’s great for providing instant refreshment, but once the water on your skin dries, the cooling is over. But with a cooling moisturizing mist, you can get the benefits of a refreshing spray and have nourished, supple skin, too! For our RE: FRESH Organic Toning Mist we use a blend of hydrating, refreshing cucumber water, rosewater and aloe vera along with super-toning witch hazel and antibacterial lemongrass.

All-over moisturizer. Just like you slather on the sunscreen before hitting the sand, slather on some moisturizer right after your post-beach rinse! Moisturizing while still wet helps to lock in moisture leaving your skin feeling new. So if you’re heading out for dinner right after your swim and only have time for a quick rinse-off at the beach, it’s great to have a moisturizer handy. Our GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil is filled with hydrating, moisturizing natural ingredients like Vitamin E-loaded organic apricot and sunflower seed oils, as well as mood-enhancing organic essential oils like rosemary and bergamot.

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