Tips for radiant skin throughout summer!

Summer is now officially here, and that means all the long-awaited trips to the pool and the summer outdoor barbecues with friends begin! But before you grab your flip flops and run out the door, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of the easy ways you can fit a conscientious skincare routine into your busy summer schedule. Because we’re pretty sure like us, you don’t want to wind up spending summer with scathing, shriveled and irritated skin.

Give your skin the nutrient dose it craves, when it craves it. Keeping your favorite skin care items on hand is a really convenient way to stay on top of your routine. We’ve packaged all our products so they are transportable, non-leaking and easy to fit into any bag.

Do it day and night. Moisturizing is key to keeping your skin protected throughout the day—and also for allowing your skin to revamp throughout the night.

We recommend a natural face oil moisturizer, as they are generally lighter on the skin than lotions which is ideal for the warmer weather.

Throw it in with your beach towel. A refreshing toning mist is a great extra addition to your weekend beach pack! We know how it is when you’re sitting in the sun, engrossed in a great book and everything feels perfect except for the fact that you’re completely encompassed with heat, only to relieved by going for a swim. A toning mist is a great thing to have on hand for immediate refreshment and rejuvenation.

We chose to use a combination of cucumber, rosewater, witch hazel, aloe vera and lemongrass for our RE: FRESH Organic Toning Mist. All these ingredients are naturally calming and cooling and are delightfully scented to help refresh a sun-muddled mind. RE: FRESH will also tone skin and help to regulate oily skin. Who doesn’t want that after a day in the sun? 

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