Behind the scenes: BKLYN UNLTD

There is nothing better than picking up a little something for yourself and knowing that your purchase is going to help someone else. Whether it be for adults with disability, world hunger, poverty or providing a child with a pair of shoes, there is something pretty empowering about helping to make the world a better place.

In an effort to manage social responsibility in a new and innovative way, we employ mentally and physically disabled adults to help make our finished products, as part of our partnership with the BKLYN UNLTD’s nonprofit workshop in Brooklyn, NY.  It was always part of our mission to make products that aren’t just environmentally responsible, but socially responsible as well. It means so much, to many disabled people, to have the ability to earn money for themselves, and also just have a place to go every day and be around other people. The BKLYN UNLTD workshop members put together our travel sets and gift boxes, in addition to affixing safety seals into caps, then sorting and shipping the final products. Here’s an inside look at BKLYN UNLTD:

For over 50 years, BKLYN UNLTD has provided subcontract assembly services to hundreds of businesses, fulfilling one to multiple steps in getting their products to market. All of their work is done by highly motivated and skilled adults with disabilities. BKLYN UNLTD is a social enterprise and a name which implies both the breadth of their work and their work ethic. Founded in 1866 by Brooklyn Community Services, BKLYN UNLTD continues to help foster self-sufficiency in adults. Brooklyn Community Services is one of the oldest, not-for-profit, non-sectarian social service providers in New York City and one of the largest in Brooklyn. BKLYN UNLTD can perform work at either their downtown Brooklyn facility or on-site with well-supervised teams. Their objective is seamless interface to become a flexible extension of a company’s assembly workflow. Their capabilities range from fairly intricate handwork, collation, low-tech machining to packaging and shipping. BKLYN UNLTD standards of quality, timeliness and cost efficiency are sure to match or exceed every company’s expectations.

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