Father’s Day gift ideas that are sure to knock his socks off!

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if your present buying history has been anything like ours, you’re usually reverting back to the staple sock-and-book purchase for Dad (or the special man in your life). But we figured you, too, may be feeling that it’s time to get him something a little more than the standard same pair of socks each year.

So here’s an idea: Skincare and grooming gifts are the perfect Father’s Day present! They’re practical; we all have skin that needs to be looked after and we all need to wash. It’s thoughtful; because once he discovers the delightful effects and pleasant scent from the aromatherapeutic essential oils in our product line, he won’t want to revert back to anything else that doesn’t make him feel exceptional. You might even find that his two-minute showers turn into five.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a list of some of our most popular unisex items amongst our male customers.  


We have five body washes that have been sequenced and made with aromatherapeutic intention to make him feel as the product says it will. WAKE UP, GET HAPPY, GET IT ON, CALM DOWN, BE WELL.

Send him the message of your choice, or let him choose for himself with our travel-sized body wash set.

RE: FRESH is a great product to use after shaving. It leaves behind a refreshing, gender-neutral scent of cucumber and rosewater, while leaving the skin feeling soothed and toned with aloe vera and antibacterial witch hazel.

Relax and unwind

Finally, as much as we may have thought so as kids, dad isn’t Superman (although he is still amazing). He wants to unwind and put up his feet… so let the ingredients in bath care do the work.

He can switch off for the day and run himself a bath with SUPER SOAK Organic Healing Bath, or make a quick foot soak with a lesser amount of the same. SUPER SOAK combines purifying sea salt with organic mustard and organic eucalyptus essential oil to draw heat to the soaking area, wash away lactic acid buildup and provide gentle pain relief.

So there you go! We’re sure whatever you choose for dad this Father’s Day, it’ll be sure to knock his socks off ;p. And if you find your dad inconspicuously using your organic body oil moisturizer over the next few months, you know what to get him next year!

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