Environmental Sustainability

It’s a huge part of PLANT’s mission to make products that are not only safe and healthy for users, but also sustainable for the environment. We do this in a number of ways:PLANT products contain only 100% biodegradable, botanical, and naturally-occurring, non-toxic mineral ingredients. This means they contain no phosphates (which can linger and pollute natural waterways with dirty foam), no silicones or dimethicones (which never break down at all, and build up in both soil and water), and no synthetic chemicals (which might kill, sicken or affect reproduction patterns of wildlife) whatsoever.

Because our formulas are clean in these ways, their manufacturing doesn’t leave any toxic runoff in the water left after blending and cleanup, and there are no toxic solid byproducts left behind either (which could end up in landfills or generating toxic fumes from incineration).

PLANT’s packaging is also light on the environment. We don’t use any unnecessary external packaging for show—we only use an outer container (like for our face oils) if it’s necessary to protect the product in transit and when it’s on display. Otherwise, we create inner packaging that is sturdy enough to handle being shipped and put on display without getting dinged up. When we do use external packaging to protect a product, it’s made of 100% post-consumer recycled content cardboard.

We also use glass, instead of plastic, packaging whenever it’s feasible (as in not leading to the possibility of broken glass in the shower!). For the plastic packaging we do use, we use only PET plastic, which one of the most environmentally sound plastics on the market. It is not only recyclable at home curbside in pretty much every municipality in the country (it’s the most widely recyclable plastic in the world, actually), but it can be re-recycled over and over—from bottles into fleece, carpeting, more bottles, pillow stuffing, and more. And if it doesn’t get recycled, it doesn’t break down and leach toxins into the environment—it’s chemically stable. And the production of PET plastic is clean, as well: The only elements left behind after its manufacturing are water and hydrogen.

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