How CLEAN is Your Bodywash?

Well how clean is the stuff you’re cleaning yourself with? What does one consider to be clean to begin with? I guess it varies from person to person, but at PLANT to be clean is to be simple. Each of our organic bodywashes is made up of only 8 or 9 natural, organic ingredients. And believe it or not, you can actually read and understand what they are (although the Latin translation may get you a little tongue-tied).

When we say all-natural and organic, we mean it! Each of the honey-like gels is completely free of parabens, SLS, SLES, petroleum, silicones and harsh, mysterious chemicals. Honestly, if you eat them we’re pretty sure they won’t kill you—BUT PLEASE DON’T TRY THAT! 

Most people don’t question the integrity of the products they have in their bathroom. If the label says something like “all-natural,” we tend to expect it to be all-natural, or at the very least not to have harmful ingredients. In our post “Why Go Green?” we covered how this is absolutely not the case. Along with the rise of the green market, came a rise in not-so-green products in disguise. This is dubbed “green-washing,” and because of it, it’s important to look beyond a product’s label.

PLANT organic bodywashes are lightly scented with organic essential oils that are carefully chosen to give you the perfect dose of aromatherapy—to help you WAKE UP, CALM DOWN, GET HAPPY, GET IT ON and BE WELL, all without causing skin irritation or overwhelming your senses. Since they’re gentle enough for even very sensitive skin, you can finally benefit from a variety of mild scents without worrying about skin irritation. And unlike many others, PLANT organic bodywashes don’t leave your skin feeling dry and rough. Even during a brutal winter, you can rest assured that our bodywashes will be working with you, not against you. They suds just enough, whether you go for a rag or a loofah, taking a shower or a bath.

And now they’re available at a select assortment of Target stores, as well as on, so they’re easier than ever to get your hands on!

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