Healthy and Organic All-Natural Skincare for EVERYONE

One of the things we want to make crystal clear here at PLANT is that our products are for everyone. As things stand, the vast majority of beauty-related marketing—even in the green sector—seems to target only one demographic: young, mostly Caucasian women. But PLANT is for people of all genders, ethnicities, classes, ages, shapes and sizes. It’s for the skin YOU’RE in, no matter who you are.


That’s what our slogan and hashtag, “For the Skin You’re In,” is all about. We believe that healthy, organic and all-natural skincare shouldn’t be just for a certain few chosen by marketing heads, but for anyone who might want it. So we want to make sure it’s clear that ours most definitely is. If you want to help us spread the word, just use our hashtag #fortheskinyourein whenever you see fit!

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