New Year’s Resolutions

2016 is here, and with every new year comes the hope to turn over a new leaf. We all know the deal: Whether you want to pick up that new hobby or drop that bad habit, work out more or eat less, everyone has something they want to push for in the New Year.

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions can be daunting because the baggage of all the resolutions that didn’t even last through January of this year. And it’s even more embarrassing when some of us have had the same New Year’s resolutions for nearly a decade (face in palm here).

But what if we told you that this year, maybe, just maybe, a little positive reinforcement could make all the difference? We may be flattering ourselves, but we like to think that our organic bodywashes might be able to help you stick to your resolutions. Take your pick of two or three, or even go for them all, as little reminders to WAKE UPGET HAPPYGET IT ONCALM DOWN, and BE WELL in the coming year.

Here’s to an energetic, happy, sexy, chill and healthy 2016 for all!

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