PLANT does Indie Beauty Expo, New York!

We had yet another incredible time at Indie Beauty Expo – this time in our home city New York.

If you aren’t familiar with Indie Beauty Expo, think of it like all of your favorite and most awe-inspiring idols and friends coming together in one room. Well, at least that’s what it feels like for us when big press, exciting retailers, knowledgeable industry professionals and indie brands all come together for a day full of shopping, seminars and exchanging of stories.

This was our second time at the trade show, and the great team at IBE yet again blew everyone away with their magnificent event. The venue was incredible; Dallas IBE could have fit into it three times over! The exciting visuals and design of the space, as well as energy of the attendees, helpful information from industry contacts and diversity of brands was incomparable to anything we’ve experienced in recent times.

And while we were on our feet speaking to many people for the entirety of the show (We were thankful for our grass padding that we included in our booth  ), we had an absolute incredible time sharing the PLANT story and mission with all of those who came by and were interested.  

We’re thankful to all the incredible press, retailers and individuals who stopped by our booth and shared a little of the PLANT love with us.

And so we can continue sharing the PLANT love and IBE energy with you, here are some pictures from our time at the show!

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