Body Lotion or Body Oil: Which is Best for the Cooler Months?

It’s that time of year again, when we put away the sun hats and sunglasses and pull out our fall jackets instead. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Each season has its pros and cons, and frankly, who doesn’t love jumping through all those colorful fall leaves?

However, the slightly cooler weather does often mean that dry skin will come out to play. Thankfully there are body oils and lotions to help with that, but choosing between a lotion or a  body oil can sometimes be confusing—which one will offer you optimal protection and nourishment, while keeping your skin supple and without greasy or prune-like hands?

A lot of people love creams and lotions here in the US, usually because of their creamy textures. There’s something about slathering on cream that can feel quite luxurious.  

But that’s not to say all lotions are full of synthetic nasties—many of them are totally clean! So if you’re sticking firm to your lotion use, we recommend looking for one without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), synthetic colors and fragrances or any other sneaky synthetics. If, however, you are willing to cross to the other side (the side of oils, that is), you will see that body oils really do provide the same moisturizing and protective benefits—and are just as able to penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy residue. People all over Europe have been swearing by body oils for centuries, for many find the feeling of an oil indulgently decadent—and they’re finally catching on here in the US for the same reason.

For our GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil, we use a combination of organic apricot, sunflower seed and jojoba oils that are high in linoleic acid to help reduce inflammation of the skin and maintain moisture balance, as well as Vitamin E to help prevent dryness, dehydration and loss of elasticity. We also include organic essential oils of rosemary, bergamot and lavender to balance and calm the senses at the same time and create a soothing experience for both body and mind.

Of course, if you still aren’t team oils that’s okay – but if you do want to give them a try, you know who to call. 

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