Welcome to the PLANT family: GROUND CONTROL

We love the warmer weather; the sunshine, the afternoon park strolls, the weekend rooftop brunch sessions with friends. But let’s be real, with longer summer days come more activities to fit into our already busy schedules.

That’s why when we decided to bring out a new organic body oil, we decided we wanted to create one that would be equal parts calming …and mind sharpening.

Our new GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil is delicately scented with organic essential oils of invigorating rosemary and relaxing bergamot, helping to sharpen and soothe your mind at the same time.



The warmer weather also means increased risk for dehydrated skin. We recommend keeping your fluids up and also finding a moisturizer that works for you to keep your skin hydrated, dewy and smooth!

Our body oil uses a base of organic sunflower and apricot seed oils and is naturally loaded with Vitamin E, to nourish, hydrate and protect even the most sensitive skin.

It’s for all skin types, even the oily prone! We know that applying oil based products to oily skin can seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that some oil—like the ones in this blend—are so easily absorbed into the skin that you’ll never get a greasy after-feel.

Want to know more? Read Byrdie Editor Hallie Gould’s review of our new GROUND CONTROL Organic Body Oil.

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