5 Winter Skin Musts

Winter used to be a time when my skin was constantly itchy and dry, and overall dull. But since really paying attention to my skin for the past six months or so, I can thankfully say that I’m totally happy with my skin at the moment. Even as we’re nearly in January, the heat has been on, and my showers have been warm! So, in order to spread the healthy skin love, I wanted to share what I’ve been applying to combat all the winter woes since clearly it’s helping. It’s a bit time consuming, but very much worth it to me.

Skincare morning and night

I’ve been good with a nighttime routine for a while, but up until this year, I was only putting on sunblock in the morning before applying makeup. Big mistake! As my facialist taught me, I should be paying just as much attention to my morning routine as night. So, I’ve been doing this:

    • Morning: I don’t wash my face, and instead let natural oils stay put. Then, I apply a brightening serum, moisturizer, and a bit of sunblock. If I’m staying inside all day (I work from home), I’ll skip the sunblock and will add face oil on top of the moisturizer.
    • Night: This is when I get a lot of moisture in and really massage everything in before applying the next layer. First up, I’ll do a serum depending on what I need that day (or what time of month it is), eye cream, a nighttime moisturizer and a healthy dose of oil.
Doubling up on moisture

Unless I’m trying to get dressed like right away after the shower (because I can’t deal with oily skin under clothes), I apply a rich body lotion and then body oil a few minutes later. I do this instantly after drying off. I think this is why my entire body has stayed hydrated and not scaly this season. It might sound weird, but I really pay attention to my feet, hands, and elbows, as these areas often get missed and severely dry for me.

Vitamin C

Another new addition to my skin regime has been vitamin C, which has been a game changer. I’m fairly certain this is why my skin hasn’t become dull like it usually does this time of year. So far I’ve been applying this Palermo mask once a week and seeing a major difference.

A lip combo

I’ve been giving my lips lots of love this year and it’s showing. Red lipstick goes on smooth, and no dry or chapped issues are taking place. Once or twice a week, I lightly rub sugar in between my lips and then apply a lip moisturizer. I used to be an Aquaphor addict, but after learning about the harmful chemicals included, I’ve made the switch to a natural option like this Sans [ceuticals] one, and I carry it with me everywhere.

Dry brushing

We’ve talked about it a ton on the blog, so I don’t want to bore you, but just trust! Dry brushing works so well for releasing dead skin cells and promoting skin renewal. It also lets things like body lotion and oil to truly sink in.

Any other winter skin secrets to share? Let me know!

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