20 Must-Have Natural Beauty Products You Can Buy At Target

Hands up if you love getting lost between the aisles at Target! Whether it’s to pick up a prescription, grab some school supplies or groceries, it’s hard not to stop in whenever you have a chance (or an excuse!).

We all joke about going there for a carton of milk and finding ourselves spending $200 instead–and the fact that their natural beauty selection seems to be getting better and better with each visit definitely doesn’t help. Here are our tried-and-true beauty picks to add to your cart next time you find yourself at Target:

3. PLANT Apothecary Lather Cleanse Repeat // If you want the benefits of an oil cleanser, but hate the way they feel on your face, this is the cleanser for you–it rinses off! We love that it doubles as a shaving cream too.

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