We’re loving this one ingredient right now!

Here at PLANT, we love essential oils and plant ingredients — it’s totally our thing. We use them in all our products to create new twists on time-honored health and skincare remedies from around the world.

But we’re sure we’re not alone in wanting to ditch the toxic ingredients. A global shift is happening. More and more people are seeing that you don’t need chemicals to get skincare results, and that plants are a better alternative—adding nutrients and real outcomes for your skin, body and mind.

We use many different plant ingredients in our products, and at the moment we are particularly loving geranium. Geranium oil and hydrosol are extracted from the leaves and flowers of the pelargonium graveolens plant, and they’re quite the rockstars when it comes to cool (no pun intended) plants.


It’s a natural mood booster with a cooling, mood-lifting scent, that leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling balanced.

Plus, geranium is a circulatory oil, meaning it exits through perspiration. So, if you come across any product using this ingredient, you can rest assured that it’ll leaving you smelling fresh and pleasant.


Its astringent properties help to tighten and tone skin, while its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties help to calm, restore and replenish irritated skin cells.  

When in oil form, geranium is particularly warm to the touch, making it very effective for relieving tension and great for massage. We use organic essential oil of geranium in our GET HAPPY Body Wash and bar soap as well as in both our SUPERFACIAL Oil Moisturizer for Normal, Dry, Combination and Mature Skin and SUPERFACIAL for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin.

We also have a new product coming very soon—and yes, you guessed it, it features geranium! As a healer, a soother and mood booster all in one, geranium has everything we could want—so it’s perfect for our newest addition (you’ll hear about it soon!) to the PLANT Apothecary family.

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